Julbo Explorer 326 Sunglasses

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  • 360 Adjustable temples
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Grip tech
  • Adjustable strap
  • Camel polarized and photochromic lens
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About Julbo Explorer 326 Sunglasses

Julbo Explorer 326 Sunglasses
When you take the challenge of climbing the highest mountains and surviving extreme conditions, it's best to have the proper protective eyewear for the job. The Julbo Explorer 326 Sunglasses gives you excellent durability to handle the elements, innovative lens technologies to maximize eye protection and your field of vision under any condition, and a sleek design for comfort and style. Its total cover frame design blocks harsh sun rays from damaging your eyes. You can even install the removable side shields to also provide lateral protection from sunlight. The Explorer 326 Sunglasses are designed with Camel polarized photochromic lens with anti-fog coating. Not only do they lighten or darken depending on the light's intensity, they prevent condensation build up for maximum longevity. Other features of the Explorer 326 are grip tech inserts and an adjustable to secure the sunglasses on your head with a better hold. Get maximum eye protection in extreme conditions. Choose the Julbo Explorer 326 Sunglasses.

Julbo Explorer 326 Sunglasses Features

  • 360° Adjustable temples
  • Adjustable Strap - Hold and security, strap length can be adjusted
  • Anti-fog lens
  • CAMEL - Excellent polarization, High protection, High-definition vision, Visual comfort, Rapid activation
  • Explorer is available with either the Camel polarized, photochromic
  • Flash finish: improves visible light filtering with mirror effect lenses
  • For protection from high-altitude sunlight
  • Grip tech - Inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold, does not stick to hair
  • It eliminates the radiation reflected by the outer mirrored surface of the lens
  • It reflects the rays of light and increases the filter effect
  • Lateral protection against harsh sunlight
  • Maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight
  • Natural front air flow thanks to the lens shape or mounting structure
  • Polarized + Photochromic + antifog treatment. Protection is progressive from Cat. 3 to 4 according to sunlight
  • Removable shells: highwrap
  • RX - The frame can be equipped with corrective solar lenses
  • Spectron 4 lens
  • Stem ends bend in every direction, easy to wear and good hold when worn with helmet, beanie or simply alone
  • Superior optical quality and highly resistant to scratches and bumps
  • The Altitude Arc lens is the name for glacier goggles
  • The lenses darken quickly to category 4
  • The various lens treatments (anti-reflections, flash active darkening principle) allow them to eliminate parasite reflections and reinforce filtering
  • They are ideal for the desert and high altitudes
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