Julbo Dirt 369 Sunglasses

Zebra Antifog Lens - White Frame

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Julbo Dirt 369 Sunglasses Features

Key Features of the Julbo Dirt 369 Sunglasses Polarized 3 Lens

  • Curved frame with wide temples
  • Anti-mist treatment
  • Light-sensitive design
  • Polarizing technology
  • Shock-absorbent nose pads
  • Sculpted inserts at stem
Julbo Dirt 369 Sunglasses Polarized 3 Lens
The Julbo Dirt 369 Sunglasses Polarized 3 Lens offer your eyes ideal protection on hot and sunny days. The glasses are apt for use during mountain-biking, since they are extremely light and durable. The curved frame fits you just right and protects your eyes against harsh sunlight. Since the lenses are light-sensitive, they turn darker or lighter depending on the intensity of the light around, thus shielding your eyes effectively. As the glasses have been given an anti-mist treatment, they don t cloud over due to condensation nor block your vision. You can easily slip these handy sunglasses under your helmet before you ride. The glasses are also fitted with shock-absorbent temples and nose pads for your comfort. Thanks to the polarizing technology, light spreads out in all directions when the sunlight hits the glasses, thereby keeping you from squinting. Stay stylish and protected with the Julbo Dirt 369 Sunglasses Polarized 3 Lens!

Key Features

  • Amplitude cat. 2 to 4. High speed reaction: 22 to 28 seconds
  • Curved frame with wide temples to protect against harsh sunlight
  • Exceptional anti-mist treatment: no condensation, maximum lifetime
  • Fits comfortably under any helmet
  • Light but with excellent shock resistance
  • Light-sensitive: the lens turns darker or lighter depending on the intensity of the light
  • Polarizing technology : When light rays hit a flat surface (car windscreen, water, snow etc, asphalt etc.) they spread out in all directions
  • RX - The frame can be equipped with corrective solar lenses
  • Shock absorbent temples and nose pads that can handle the technicalities of any trail
  • Supple, sculpted inserts at the stem ends for excellent hold without sticking tohair
  • Supple, shock absorbant insert the adheres to nose
  • Temples shaped and cut for better hold with sharp and repeated movements
  • This light-sensitive lens, developed for the Speed range, is ideal for mountain biking, trail running and climbing
  • This versatile lens is suitable for all types of sports activities
  • Wide lenses and curved frames for maximum visibility