ION Board Kit

This item is no longer available

Product Highlights:

  • Fix screw mount
  • Cam locker slot
  • Compatible with surfboards, snowboards, kayaks
  • Rotates 360 degrees

ION Board Kit Features

What's in the box: Board Mount, Fix Screw, Cam Locker Slot (Board), Secure Piece (Board), Double Face Adhesive (Board & Secure Piece), Silicon Skin

ION Board Kit
The ION Board Kit contains all the accessories to make your boarding experience a memorable one. The kit includes a board mount, fix screw, camlocker slot, secure piece, double face adhesive, and silicon skin. Lightweight, durable, and compatible with any type of board, the cam lock system allows you to secure a camera to the board, without much trouble. As the board mount can rotate 360 degrees, you can effectively alter the camera's height, angle and direction, for effective coverage, by simply adjusting the board mount nut. In addition, the secure piece keeps the camera from falling away, if it is accidentally displaced from the mount. The fix screw allows you to directly attach the camera to the base of the board, rather than the cam lock slot for more stability. Be it kayaking, snowboarding, or surfing, make sure you capture those awesome moments with the aid of the ION Board Kit.

Key Features

  • Type of board surface (surf, snowboard, skate or kayak, etc)
  • CamLOCK Slot
  • Fix Screw mount
  • Board Mount rotates 360 degrees