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Hawkeye by Norcross Hand Held Depth Finder

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  • Glare-free display with soft glow backlighting
  • Displays depth and temperature reading
  • Air and water temperature readings
  • Adaptive software program, Easy touch user interface
  • Waterproof battery compartment

Hawkeye by Norcross Hand Held Depth Finder Features

What's in the box: Handheld Depth Finder with Integrated Sonar Sensor (transducer) Air/Water Temperature Sensor and LED Flashlight, 4 Replacement Flashlight Lenses (White, Blue, Green, & Red) Wrist Lanyard, Battery Holder (batteries not included), Waterproof Battery Cap, Color Operation Manual.

Hawkeye by Norcross Hand Held Depth Finder, Temperature and LED flashlight
The Hawkeye by Norcross Hand Held Depth Finder, Temperature and LED flashlight has automatic range and sensitivity, which delivers uninterrupted depth reading from 2.5 ft. to 200 ft. in 1/10th precision. It gives air and water temperature readings to the nearest 1/10th degree. The fish indicator displays fish in the sonar beam, and adaptive software programming, minimizes false readings. Its easy touch user interface gives one-touch access to depth and temperature readings. The shoot-thru technology, allows readings through ice or boat hulls, so you can tell what is swimming under your boat. The flashlight has a waterproof battery compartment, for 4 x AA batteries, which are not included. The LCD also displays easily the depth, and temperature readings, completely Glare-free thanks to the soft glow backlighting, which allows viewing in any light condition. The high intensity LED flashlight has 4 interchangeable lens colors. The Hawkeye by Norcross Hand Held Depth Finder, Temperature and LED flashlight comes in very handy when you are out there on the ocean.

Key Features

  • Adaptive Software Programming Minimizes False Readings
  • Air and Water Temperature Readings to the Nearest 1/10th Degree Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Automatic Range
  • Displays Depth and Temperature Readings in English or Metric
  • EasyTouchTM User Interface Gives One-Touch Access to Depth
  • Emergency SOS Signaling Mode
  • Fish Indicator Displays Fish in the Sonar Beam
  • Glare-Free Display with SoftGlow Backlight for Easy Viewing Under Any Ambient Light Condition
  • Includes User Friendly Color Coded Operation Manual
  • Free Access to a 24 Hour Online Technical Support Center
  • Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty
  • Integrated High Intensity LED Flashlight with 4 Interchangeable Lens Colors
  • Sensitivity Delivers Uninterrupted Depth Readings From 2.5 to 200 ft. in 1/10th Precision
  • Shoot-Thru Technology Allows Readings Through Ice or Boat Hulls
  • Temperature Readings
  • Waterproof Battery Compartment for 4 x AA' Batteries (not included)