Product Highlights:

  • Highly compressible foam is soft
  • Plush, micro-fiber top
  • Entirely machine-washable
  • Pillow rolls into integrated sleeve
  • 16 in. h x 12 in. w
Hummingbird : Picture 1 regular

About Hummingbird Compressible Pillow

Hummingbird Compressible Pillow
For special occasions when you travel or maybe on a camping trip this Hummingbird Compressible Pillow is very useful, it is small, 16 in. x 12 in. light weight, foamy and soft. This pillow is easy to carry; it fits in any small space because you can roll it up into an integrated sleeve. The micro fiver cover offers an exceptional next to the skin comfort even in a warm climate. It is machine washable, so do not worry about cleaning. Going on an excursion, don t forget to take your Hummingbird Compressible Pillow with you, it will help you out if you want to take a little nap on the way, to wake up fresh for the rest of the trip.

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