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Hyperlite X-Line 70' Rope


Hyperlite X-Line 70' Rope

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Product Highlights:

  • 12-strand, braided, dyneema core
  • Snag-free outer surface
  • Urethane coating
  • 3-5 foot sections
  • Silicone coat

Hyperlite X-Line 70' Rope Features

Hyperlite X-Line 70 ft. Rope
The Hyperlite X-Line 70 ft. Rope is built to deliver a top-notch performance. As it is made from a 12-strand, braided, dyneema core, this product has superior strength to support a fair amount of weight. To keep it from snagging and tangling in your hands, while you do wakeboarding, it is coated with urethane for a smooth outer surface, with abrasion-resistance, for a longer product life. In addition, the 3-5 foot sectioning provided allows you to shorten or lengthen this rope to fit your requirements, making it an ideal choice for both rookies and professionals. With the new silicone coat, this rope is lighter in weight, has an increased buoyancy, and is visible in the water for easy use. Clear the waves by jumping higher with confidence while wakeboarding with the Hyperlite X-Line 70 ft. Rope!

Key Features

  • Urethane Cable Coating
  • 12 Strand Braided Dyneema Core
  • Snag Free Outer Surface
  • 3-5 Foot Sections
  • New, Silicone Cable Coating
  • 70' X-LINE = 55' Mainline + 2 - 5' sections + 2 - 2.5' Sections