High Gear XT7 Alti GPS

High Gear XT7 Alti GPS Features

Key Features of the High Gear XT7 Alti GPS

  • Mineral glass lens
  • 12 and 24 hour format
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water resistance
The High Gear XT7 Alti GPS
The High Gear XT7 Alti GPS is a must carry accessory for any activity. The mineral glass lens material provides a high durability. For your convenience, this watch has a 12 and 24 hour format, so you can choose the one that is more to your liking. With the USB cable, you can easily charge this gadget, thanks to the rechargeable batteries that are included. This item is water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about rainy weather. The watch has a navigation, speed, and distance meter; altimeter, barometer, thermometer, heart rate meter, chronograph, and an alarm incorporated for an enhanced management and a better use. While running or practicing any other sport, you can even check your heart beat accurately. With the High Gear XT7 Alti GPS you are ready for all your outdoor adventures.

Key Features

  • Waypoints 100 Location Presets
  • Waypoints Stored By Name, Latitude / Longitude, Altitude or Date
  • Track Points 25,000 Points Stored
  • Cardinal North Indicator
  • Monitors Speed, Distance, Pace
  • Displays Average Speed / Pace
  • Displays in Feet or Meters
  • Range -2,312ft to +30,045ft / -700m to +9,000m + Resolution 1ft / 1m
  • Vertical Speed Rate of Ascent and Descent
  • Accumulated and Maximum Altitude
  • % Slope Gradient
  • Altitude Differential
  • Displays Sea-Level & Absolute Pressure in Millibar (mbar) / Hectopascal (hPa) or Inches of Mercury (inHg)
  • Range 300mbar (hPa) to 1,100mbar (hPa) / 886inHg to 3248inHg
  • Resolution 1mbar (hPa) / 001inHg
  • 24-Hour Graphic Pressure Trend Display with Recall
  • Displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Range +14°F to +122°F / -10°C to 50°C
  • Resolution 01°f / 01°c
  • 24 GHz Digitally Coded Chest trap (Included) Strap (Included)
  • 3 Auto Intensity Levels Based on Maximum HR Fitness (55-70%), Endurance (70-80%), Training (80-100%)
  • Auto or Custom Set HR Zones
  • Alert in Target HR Zones
  • Range 100 Hours
  • Resolution 1/100 Second
  • 300 Laps / Splits
  • 50 Run Memory with Data Recall
  • Display Presets with 3-Line Multi-View
  • Auto Lap Automatically Takes a Lap at a User Set Distance (ie every mile)
  • Displays Time in 12-Hour or 24-Hour Format
  • Time / Day / Date
  • Dual Time Zone
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Mineral Glass Lens
  • Displays in Metric or Imperial Units
  • EL Backlight / Smart EL Backlight System
  • Rechargeable Battery (Watch) via USB Charging Cable (Included)
  • 30m Water Resistant
  • User Replaceable Battery (Chest Strap Only)