High Gear TrailPoint

High Gear TrailPoint Features

High Gear TrailPoint
The High Gear TrailPoint is a great little tool ensuring you ll never get lost again around any trail. It is a lightweight, karabiner, digital compass with calibration, that allows you to conveniently clip on to your pack, yet is small enough that you can carry it wherever you go. The TrailPoint features a chronograph with 24 hour countdown timer, and a regular clock that shows time and date. It also has a daily alarm and hourly chime to keep you on schedule. In the event of low light, it has an EL backlight, as well as adjustable declination and is water-resistant for up to 10 meters. Furthermore, the compass uses replaceable batteries. The High Gear TrailPoint will keep you going in the right direction, until you make it safe home.

Key Features

  • Calibrated digital compass
  • 24 hr. countdown timer chronograph
  • Clock with time and date
  • Daily alarm and hourly chime
  • 10 meter water-resistant