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About High Gear AltiTech Altimeter Compass Black

High Gear AltiTech Altimeter Compass Black
The High Gear AltiTech Altimeter Compass Black is a very useful equipment to find your bearing and altitude during hiking and rock climbing. This compass gives you the correct measurements even during bad weather conditions, unlike a GPS. Using its digital compass you can get bearings in degrees and using cardinal points. Plus, the leveling bubble can be used to increase the accuracy of the measurement. You can gauge altitude from a range of -2,305 ft. up to 30,045 ft., using the digital altimeter. Store up to 20 of your altitude readings on this handy device. Get to know the change on weather, with its digital barometer. Thanks to its digital thermometer, you can keep track of the cold and heat. The chronograph helps measure the time you have taken to get to a particular point. This compass can be used for lap or split timing. Its watch offers times of 2 different time zones and has an alarm option, so you never miss an opportunity. Get clear readings even after dark, thanks to its EL backlight. The aluminum carabiner allows you to attach it safely to your climbing gear. Get the High Gear AltiTech Altimeter Compass Black so you don't get stranded during a hike.

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