Hitcase Windshield/Suction Cup Mount, Black

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  • Suction mount
  • Polycarbonate frame, shatter-resistant
  • Hinged plugs seals the dock connector
  • Built-in screen protector
  • 2 ball joints
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About Hitcase Windshield/Suction Cup Mount, Black

The Hitcase Windshield/Suction Cup Mount helps you capture every moment of your adventure even in high-speed situations. Marine-grade construction sticks easily to windshields, windows, tables and other smooth, flat surfaces while the polycarbonate frame with rail-slide mount for iPhone guarantees non-shattering durability giving you a worry-free and completely new way of using your iPhone. The Hitcase Windshield/Suction Cup Mount also includes a detachable clip that safely connects your iPhone to a bag strap or belt. It has 2-ball joint maneuverability and will take excellent pictures and videos no matter how fast you're going. With the two ball joints and a single tightening clamp in the socket arm, you can easily loosen both axles of movement at the same time. Simply position your Hitcase where you want it, then tighten down the giant wing nut and it all locks in place instantly. It is easy to install and set up, and the fun is everlasting, you will be able to replay your filming over and over again. Mount is covered by a 180 day limited warranty.

Hitcase Windshield/Suction Cup Mount, Black Features

  • Hitcase Windshield/Suction Cup Mount
  • Capture Every Moment of Adventure in High-Speed Situations
  • Hands-Free Use of iPhone
  • Marine-Grade Construction:
    Sticks Easily To
    Windshields Windows Tables
    Other Smooth, Flat Surfaces
  • Polycarbonate Frame with Rail-Slide Mount for iPhone
  • Guarantees Non-Shattering Durability
  • Worry-Free and Completely New-Way of Using iPhone
  • Detachable Clip: Safely Connects iPhone to Bag Strap or Belt
  • 2-Ball Joint Maneuverability
  • Single Tightening Clamp: Socket Arm, Easily Loosen Both Axles at Same Time
  • Easy to Install and Set Up
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty
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