GSI Outdoors Wine Tote

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  • Shoulder strap
  • 750 ml. Soft Sided Wine Reservoir
  • Insulating Neoprene Tote
  • Stylish neoprene design
  • Top flap
GSI Outdoors : Picture 1 regular $29.95

About GSI Outdoors Wine Tote

GSI Outdoors Wine Tote
The GSI Outdo GSI Outdoors Wine Tote is the hydration pack takes on a new level of sophistication. The clever, insulated wine tote makes it even easier to carry your favourite Cab or sneak away with a spicy Shiraz. Stylish neoprene design's top flap holds the all-new 750 ml GSI Outdoors Wine Carafe in place and allows for easy, unencumbered pouring. The shoulder strap turns tote into the most sophisticated hydration pack ever conceived for outdoor Oenophiles. It includes the Soft Sided Wine Carafe to make transport of your favorite varietal into the backcountry. The foiled exterior includes rewritable date bar to record varietal, vintage, vinter and uncorking date. The GSI Outdo GSI Outdoors Wine Tote makes dispensing the pour simple and splash free.

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