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  • Made of High-Grade stainless steel
  • Stemless
  • Kick-Stand Ring
  • Easy to take along anywhere
GSI Outdoors : Picture 1 regular $11.95

About GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glass, Stainless

GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glass Stainless
The GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glass Stainless are one uniquely designed wine glass, in which any wine, would love to be served in. Made with premium quality high-grade stainless steel, making the glass very strong, yet very lightweight. These wine glasses do not have a stem. The bottom of the glass is flat, which makes the glass very steady and stable on rickety camp tables, or any kind of rough platform, since as the glass is stemless, the center of gravity is very low. The glass features a unique kick-stand ring that provides a secure, ergonomic grip, while helping to prevent glasses from tipping over. The glass is very durable, and looks very cool and trendy. You can now enjoy a glass of wine anywhere, get yourself the GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glass- stainless, and grab a great bottled of Merlot or Cabernet. Cheer!

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