GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper

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About GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper

GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper
The GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper is a handy product to have around while you are camping outdoors. This pot gripper has a compact design, which is easy to stow away when not in use, and equally easy to pack when heading out. It measures of 3.5 in. x 1.2 in. x 1.15 in., which is a comfortable size and it is compatible with most pots and vessels. The exclusive folding gripper can be secured and removed easily from exterior brackets. Thanks to its aluminum construction, your gripper is an extremely rugged and durable product that lasts a long time. Plus, the handle does not scratch your pots and pans. It offers a secure handle so you don't drop any hot food. Say goodbye to burns and other cooking accidents, with the GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper.

GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper Features

  • Compacts for nested storage
  • Size: 3.5in.x 1.2in.x 1.15 in.
  • Exclusive folding gripper locks to removes easily from exterior brackets
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Prevent scratching
  • Providing a secure handle for cooking
  • Unique design
  • Wt: .131 lb

GSI Outdoors N-Form Pot Gripper Specifications

2.2 oz
Major Dimension
5.75" (collapses to 3.5")
Steel Material
Product Use
Gourmet Backpacking and Car Camping
Folding Gripper Locks
Exterior Brackets
Weight [with packaging]
0.2 lb
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