GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset

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Product Highlights:

  • 3 L pot, 2 L pot, 2 strainer lids
  • 9.0 in. Frypan and 4 7.5 in. Plates
  • 4 14 fl. oz. Bowls and Insulated mugs
  • 4 sip-it tops, folding pot gripper
  • Welded sink, Exclusive folding gripper locks

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset Features

What's in the box: 3 L Pot, 2 L Pot, 2 Strainer Lids, 9.0" Frypan, 4 14 fl. oz. Insulated Mugs, 4 14 fl. oz. Bowls, 4 7.5" Plates, 4 Sip-It Tops, Folding Pot Gripper, Welded Sink.

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset
A flavorful, satisfying meal for four in the woods becomes much easier with the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset. The set includes three-liter pot, two-liter pot, two strainer lids, nine-inch frying pan, and interchangeable folding pot gripper which enable easy cooking on a big or little camp stove. It equips you with the supplies needed to accommodate 4 hungry campers. Bugaboo-series cookware features a durable and attractively painted finish that protects the aluminum core from abrasion and oxidation. It features a cascadian-series mugs nest securely inside bowls, which in turn nest within the 2-liter pot; 4 plates nest within the 3-liter pot. Cooking, eating, and even cleaning are possible with this versatile GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset.

Key Features

  • Amazingly compact design is fully equipped for the Gourmet needs of campers
  • Color-coded items provide personalized tableware settings
  • Crushproof strainer lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot/lid
  • Dimensions: 9.1 in.x 9.1 in.x 5.8 in.
  • Exclusive folding gripper locks on to exterior brackets to prevent scratching
  • Provide a secure handle while cooking
  • Reconfigurable for everything from 2 person backpacking to 4 person car camping
  • Unique design compacts for nested storage
  • Weight: 3 lbs, 8 oz.
  • Works with either the pot or the frypan