GoalZero Extreme 350 Adventure Kit

SKU: GLZ39002 MFR: GZ-39002

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About GoalZero Extreme 350 Adventure Kit

GoalZero Extreme 350 Adventure Kit
No more noise and bad fumes from the fuel of the gas generators when you pick up this new GoalZero Extreme 350 Adventure Kit. It is silent with a Universal Inverter included, capable of powering a facility up to 1,200 square feet, and it is designed for base camps and long-stay environments. You can easily charge laptops, cellphones or pads. And because of the included inverter, you can just plug it straight in without any hassles. Charge via wall, solar panels or car adapter and use as a primary source of power for lighting, cooling and accessories. Stack up to three additional EXTREME batteries and get a total of 1,400 watt-hours of power. The charging times of the GoalZero Extreme 350 Adventure Kit changes depending on the device; for a wall connection, it is 7 hours, Nomad 13.5 solar for 27 hours, Nomad 27 solar for 13 hours, Boulder 15 solar for 23 hours, Boulder 30 solar for 12 hours and the same for the Escape 30 solar.

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