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    Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

    Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Features

    What's in the box: 1 x Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator,1 x Roll Cart

    Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator
    The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is more than you can bargain for, it is powerful enough to back-up critical appliances - refrigerators and freezers - as well as home health care equipment - heart monitors, oxygen and CPAP machines. The Yeti Solar generator comes with Multiple ports - DC, USB, and AC - make it easy to power all your devices. Activate the ports with one master switch and let everyone in the family help themselves. Charge your Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator in silence using the free and clean energy of the sun. You can also charge it from the wall. Either way, there are no worries of toxic fumes or the transportation and storage of flammable fuel. The generator is able to run the fridge, our cordless phones, our Internet hub, or a computer. And after 8 hours, even with no panels hooked up, you will still have better than 70% power. This rig works Great!

    Key Features

    • Backup critical appliances - refrigerators, freezers & home health care equipment - CPAP machine
    • Silent power generation
    • Safe to operate indoors. No fumes or fuel to store
    • Rated for continuous duty
    • Easy-to-use & monitor performance
    • Scalable and go where you want to go