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Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $3 Donation

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  • For All Levels of Swimming
  • Medical Grade Silicone Mouthpiece
  • One Way Purge Valve
  • Ages 12 and Up
  • Helps Develop Stronger Inhalation/Exhalation

About Finis Swimmers Snorkel

Finis swimmers Snorkel
The Finis Swimmers Snorkel is great for exploring a whole new underwater world. Made from medical grade silicone, this snorkel is safe and easy to use for people ages 12 and up, and of any expertise level. This snorkel reduces the drag and tension that one would experience using a side snorkel. It is great for neck, shoulder, and back injury therapy. This snorkel helps improve stroke mechanics by enabling you to stay streamlined under the water. It also aids in hypoxic development by urging stronger inhalation and exhalation, which is similar to high altitude training where oxygen is scarce. The adjustable headband provides a snug fit. With the one-way purge valve, it is easy to clear water from the tube. So get the Finis Swimmers Snorkel, and enjoy the waters like you never have before!

DIVE PINK & FIGHT BREST CANCER! For every Pink Snorkel $3 will be donated to fight breast cancer.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(888) 333-4647

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Features

  • Ideal for All Levels of Swimming
  • Medical Grade Silicone Mouthpiece
  • One Way Purge Valve for Easy Cleaning of Water in Tube
  • Ages 12 and Up
  • Reduces Drag and Tension of Side Snorkel
  • Great for Neck, Shoulder and Back Injury Therapy
  • Improves Stroke Mechanics
  • Helps Develop Stronger Inhalation/Exhalation
  • Assist in Hypoxic Development
  • Similar to Altitude Training
  • Complete with Adjustable Headband
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Specifications

Mouthpiece: Silicone
Purge Valve
Tube Style
Entry Style
0.9 Lb
Available in the Following Colors:
Pink, Yellow
Weight [with packaging]
0.9 lb
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