Finis PT Paddles, Black


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About Finis PT Paddles, Black

Key Features of the Finis PT Paddles, Black

  • Plastic with rubber surgical tubing
  • Perfect Technique (PT)
  • Concave shape
  • Adjust for custom fit
  • Surface is textured
  • Easy to use
Finis PT Paddles, Black
The Finis PT Paddles, Black which stand for "Perfect Technique," help swimmers achieve a more efficient stroke. The unique shape of this paddle helps eliminates the use of hands, and in this way forcing the swimmers to focus on other parts of the body to generate extra propulsion. With the PT Paddles you will gain a higher elbow position, practice a strong consistent kick, learn to how to roll the hips correctly, and catch water with the forearm for greater forward momentum for effective swimming. The Finis PT Paddles, Black are not your normal paddles, they are concave rounded in shape, deflecting water from the hands allowing the forearms and elbow strengthen, along with the biceps and lats. Fundamentally, these PT Paddles are easy and simple use, the straps adjust allowing for a custom fit and the textured surface give a much better grip. Go ahead, improve your technique with the PT Paddles.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 1 month.
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Finis PT Paddles, Black Features

  • Finis PT Paddles
  • Technique is the Foundation of Effective Swimming
  • Involves the Whole Body Working with the Water, not Against it
  • "Perfect Technique" (PT)
  • Gain a More Efficient Stroke
  • Concave Shape Eliminates the use of Hands
  • Forces Swimmers to Focus on the Whole Body
  • Develop Strength: Strengthen Elbow, Forearm and Core
  • Build Shoulder Muscles to Prevent Future Injuries
  • Jump-Start Kick
  • Early Vertical Forearm
  • Enhance Feel for the Water when Not Using Paddles
  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable for Custom Fit
  • Textured Surface for Positive Grip
  • Durable Plastic with Rubber Tubing Strap

Finis PT Paddles, Black Specifications

Construction Materials
Plastic And Surgical Tubing
Perfect Technique
Gain A More Efficient Stroke
Develop Strength
Build Shoulder Muscles
Jump-Start Kick
Vertical Forearm
Easy To Use
Adjustable For Custom Fit
Textured Surface For Positive Grip
Durable Plastic
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