Exped Schnozzel Tube

sale Exped Schnozzel Tube

Product Highlights:

  • Size 50 x 9 cm.
  • Weight 25 g.
  • Packed 9 x 4 cm.

Exped Schnozzel Tube Features

Exped Schnozzel Tube
With the Exped Schnozzel Tube, you can expect the comforts of home under the stars! It ensures effortless inflation and deflation of your air mattress within seconds. It is an accessory that can be used to hook one Exped product up to another Exped product and make the whole system really function together well. The Schnozzel tube fits between your mat and Exped stuff sack with purge valve (shrink bag, tele-compression bag, compression bag, and shrink bag pro). With the pump tube attached, allow the shrink bag to fill with air and roll it closed. Then, just kneel lightly and watch the mat inflate before your eyes in one go with so little effort. Go ahead and get the Exped Schnozzel Tube for a good night s sleep at your next adventure trip and camping.

Key Features

  • Size 50 x 9
  • Weight 25
  • Packed 9 x 4