Exped ComfortFoam Pillow

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Exped ComfortFoam Pillow Features

Key Features

  • ComfortFoam Pillow is self-inflating due to the foam pellet fill
  • Soft tricot polyester fabric is comfortable next to the skin
  • Exped's exclusive FlatValves, one for inflation and another for deflation, are low profile and highly durable
  • Higher on one side than the other and contoured for side and back sleepers' headpositions
  • Two loops allow pillows to be attached to Exped mats with corresponding loops. This keeps the pillow from migrating during the night
  • ComfortFoam Pillow is filled with re-purposed foam pellets from the drilled voids of Exped's SIM Light and SIM Comfort Mats. This makes ComfortFoam Pillow an extremely plush sleeping accessory!