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  • Rippled convex reflector cone
  • Textured opaque lens
  • Green LED locater
  • Aluminum housing with anodized finish
  • Carry strap and carabiner-style clip
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About Eureka Magic 125 Lantern / Flashlight

Eureka Magic 125 Lantern / Flashlight
The Eureka Magic 125 Lantern / Flashlight is a powerful lantern cum flashlight developed by Eureka. This light works in dual mode as a lantern or as a flashlight. The size of a candle lantern; but much safer, it provides 125 lumens of area lighting. The lantern quickly transforms to powerful directional flashlight by rotating top-mounted LED housing. The lantern has rippled convex reflector cone disperses light into smooth pattern in lantern mode. The textured opaque lens directs light in flashlight mode. It can easily controlled by a multi-function off, high, low, hold for strobe, push-button switch. The lantern has a green LED locater light flashes every 5 seconds enabling you to find it easily in dark. It features aluminum housing that has anodized finish that increases the durability and life of the lantern. A carry strap and a carabiner-style clip have been included that makes carrying the torch easy. The lantern comes with 4 AA Duracell batteries so that you can straight away start using the torch. The lantern is resistant to impact by falling from up to 3 ft. The Eureka Magic 125 Lantern / Flashlight is a very essential product while going for camping and daily life.

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