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About Egear Survival Towel 2-PK

Egear Survival Towel 2-PK
The Egear Survival Towel 2-PK is an excellent companion for any hiker or backpacker and comes in handy during emergency. It comes in a very compact shape which expands when placed in the water for some time. All you have to do is place the towel in the water, allow towel to expand, remove from the water from it. You can hang the towel to dry, if it is necessary. The 2 essential gear survival towels come in plastic bag with the informative header card. It is the only towel that can improve your 'survival' options. You can also use this towel on the beach, during sports activities, for a bath, or cleaning. This towel can be easily disposed. The Egear Survival Towel 2-PK is great for backpacking and camping.

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