eGear Waterproof Match Box


About eGear Waterproof Match Box

eGear Waterproof Match BoxMake sure your matches stay dry with the use of eGear Waterproof Match Box. It has a durable composite plastic container which features a screw top lid with an O-ring seal to keep matches dry and secure even in the wettest conditions. And if you drop the tube, the bright orange color will ensure you can find it again. It also includes striker on the container bottom. The container has a dimension of 1 x 3 in. Therefore it can hold a large number of matches for a weekend of camping or any other trip. eGear Waterproof Match Box keeps your matches protected from water so they're ready to light when you need them.

eGear Waterproof Match Box Features

  • Durable composite plastic container
  • Screwtop lid with O-ring seal
  • Striker on bottom of container
  • Ideal for survival and outdoor applications
  • Dimensions: 3 in. x 1 in.
  • Weight: .5 oz.
  • Matches are NOT included

eGear Waterproof Match Box Specifications

0.31 lb
Body Material
Durable composite plastic container
Screwtop Lid
O-ring seal
Bottom of container
Recommended Use
Survival and Outdoor Applications
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