Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube

Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube Features

Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube
Separating your dirty shoes from clean clothes is easy, all thanks to the Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube. It comes with features that offer a lightweight shoe packing solution. For starters, it is made from recycled EcoLite weave material and comes with a LinkSeal mesh top for excellent dirt resistance and visibility. This shoe cube can accommodate small to medium-sized shoes, keeping it separated from the rest of your pack. Furthermore, a 2-way zippered opening allows for easy packing and unpacking, while a quick-grab handle lets you to easily carry it on the go. With the ultra-reliable Pack-It Shoe Cube, you don t need to go through the trouble of finding other bags just to separate your shoes from your clean garments. You can take advantage of having the Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube starting today!

Key Features

  • A lightweight shoe packing solution
  • Top grab handle
  • Side ventilation
  • LinkSeal Mesh top for dirt resistance and visibility
  • Quick-grab handle
  • 2-way zippered opening
  • Fabric: Recycled EcoLite Weave, LinkSeal Mesh
  • A grab handle for convenient carry