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Eagle Creek Pack-It Expandable Cube

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Eagle Creek Pack-It Expandable Cube Features

Eagle Creek Pack-It Expandable Cube
No more clothes scattered around your room, thanks to the Eagle Creek Pack-It Expandable Cube. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Expandable Cube is large enough to accommodate sweaters, fleece jackets, t-shirts, pants, and other garments. What s even more amazing is its expandable/compressible zipper that lets you organize more clothes and even save space. For superb visibility and breathability, this expandable cube also features a mesh top. Additionally, The Pack-It Expandable Cube also comes with a quick-grab handle for added convenience, as well as a 2-way zippered opening &for hassle-free organizing of clothes. Infused with a combination of recycled EcoLite weave and mesh poly fabrics, this cube is lightweight and durable enough to allow longer usage, keeping your clothes organized at all times. Go ahead and revel in the convenience the Eagle Creek Pack-It Expandable Cube offers and grab it now!

Key Features

  • Expandable/compressible zipper to adjust depth
  • Great for shirts, shorts, pants, etc
  • Mesh top for visibility and breathability
  • Quick-grab handle
  • 2-way zippered opening
  • Fabric: Recycled EcoLite Weave, Mesh Poly
  • Life Time Warranty covers
  • Repair and Replace. Normal Wear and Tear
  • Easy Packing
  • quick unpacking during security checks