Deuter Aircontact 70+10 SL Pack for Women

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  • Vari Flex system
  • Anatomically shaped hip fins
  • Breathable padding
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About Deuter Aircontact 70+10 SL Pack for Women

Deuter Aircontact 70+10 SL Pack for Women
Throw in a combination enhanced stability, efficient load transfer, best load control, and incredible flexibility and you got yourself the Deuter Aircontact 70+10 SL Pack for Women. Ideal for tough hikes and other outdoor adventures, this 70+10 SL Pack for Women features a Vari Flex system that allows the bag to accommodate heavy loads. The anatomically shaped hip fins made from multiple layers, are designed to increase stability and allow more freedom of movement. Furthermore, this pack has an SL carry system that includes SL waist belt wings and SL shoulder straps for a perfect anatomic fit and conical shape for women who are always on the go. Its breathable padding with special ventilating hollow chamber foam allows you to move freely, while the Vari-Quick system easily adjusts to any back length. It even comes with contoured shoulder straps with 3D Air mesh lining and head molding for freedom of head movement. When it comes to reliability during adventure trips, you can count on the Deuter Aircontact 70+10 SL Pack for Women.

Deuter Aircontact 70+10 SL Pack for Women Features

  • Stabiliser straps allow optimal positioning of the backpack. These are easily repositioned on the shoulder straps using a
  • in.Triglide in. buckle. Aircontact modelsabove 50+10 SL sizes also have two different fixing points, depending on the back length setting, in order to optimize the load adjustor strap angle
  • Breathable padding with special ventilating hollow chamber foam: With every movement, a pump effect circulates air through the breathable Aircontact cushions of this direct body contact system. Extra air channel ventilation between the back cushions is very effective. (on ACT Lite)
  • The anatomically shaped hip fins are made from multiple layers. The inner side has a layer of soft foam with 3D AirMesh lining for heightened comfort. The firmfoam on the outside is modelled to the anatomic shape and transfers the load to the hips. Side compression straps on the fins regulate the load and increase stability
  • On the compact ACT Lite fins this bilaminate construction is perfectly balanced between weight reduction and load transfer ratio
  • Aircontact models designed to carry heavier loads, maximise stability and load transfer thanks to the additional synthetic reinforcement in between foam layers
  • Head molding provides freedom of head movement. Effective on models Aircontact50+10SL and up
  • Contoured shoulder straps with 3D Air mesh lining
  • Vari-Quick system for easy adjustment to any back length
  • The anatomic profiled X-frame offers a balance of torsional rigidity and flexibility to follow your body movements, and transfers weight through it's perfect back fit
  • All Aircontact models are fitted with Deuter's Vari Flex System, leaving the generous hip fins fully mobile. The Vari Flex hip fins follow even the most complex movements allowing tricky sections to be negotiated without losing your balance especially important when carrying a hefty load
  • SL Women's Fit System
  • Soft edges to the straps, smaller buckles and narrow tapered strap ends prevent the SL shoulder straps from chafing under the arms and eliminate pressure points in the chest area
  • On average, women's backs are not quite as long as men's. The SL carry system is thus slightly shorter than that of Deuter's standard rucksacks. Conse quently, the models in the SL series are the ideal choice, too, for male users with shorter backs
  • This conical form is achieved by angling the belt diagonally upwards and by
  • Curving the SL waist belt wings. The frontal adjuster system feature of our larger volume rucksacks simplifies the waist belt fitting procedure
  • precise load control due to compression straps on hip fins
  • To take account of the narrower shoulder width of the female anatomy, and thusprevent slippage, the SL shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length
  • In order to give a perfect anatomic fit around the upper body, the SL shoulderstraps are both narrower and shorter in length.In general, the female waist and hip area is also shaped differently, so in order for the waist belt to deliver a perfect anatomic fit when fastened, it should ideally have a conical shape
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