De Soto Mens LIFTFOIL Triathlon Suit with 7mm CERRAMICO Pad

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About De Soto Mens LIFTFOIL Triathlon Suit with 7mm CERRAMICO Pad

This Suit will help you Swim Faster in Triathlons that Do-Not-Permit Wetsuits. Unlike similar "Swim-Skins" that require you to remove them after the swim portion, the LIFTFOIL, with its Float-Pad, is designed so that you can swim, then bike, then run, all in complete comfort and without having to change. It has no pockets and is ideal for shorter triathlons where you do not need pockets, and where you ultimate goal is to finish faster without ever changing. It also works well for longer triathlons that do not permit the use of wetsuits.

LIFTFOIL with Cold-Black Technology: At speeds below 5 mph (8 kph) the best surface to flow though water is a smooth surface like LIFTFOIL. LIFTFOIL is a Hydrodynamic Fabric designed to be worn very tight. When stretched on a moving body, LIFTFOIL becomes thinner, so it absorbs less water. Because it compresses against the skin, it reduces passive drag, and acts as a foil to lift the body at the water surface. Cold-Black Technology Sun Reflector UV Protector: Dark colors heat up stronger when exposed to direct sunlight compared to light colors. This no longer needs to happen! Now there is Cold-Black , a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.

The Suit is equipped with De Soto's 7mm CERRAMICO Seat Pad a Polyurethane Based Coating Embedded to the Outside of Pad with Rock-Hard Ceramic Beads. You actually see these beads on the outside of the pad, and therefore, from the outside of the garment! The Integrated Pad is Sewn onto the Surrounding Panels, instead of inside the suit, so there is no fabric covering the pad, and so there are no seams on any part of where you sit. The inside of the Pad is a Soft Plush Fiber that stretches with the Suit and follows your skin as it moves on the bike and run, eliminating the friction that can cause irritation or rashes. Since the pad floats, you will not be bogged down if you chose to wear this garment under a wetsuit for a long race. This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solvents. Suit is available in Multiple Sizes and is Black in Color.

De Soto Mens LIFTFOIL Triathlon Suit with 7mm CERRAMICO Pad Features

  • Swim Faster in Triathlons that Do-Not-Permit Wetsuits
  • Designed to Allow: Swim, Bike, then Run, All in Comfort without Changing
  • LIFTFOIL/Cold-Black Technology:
    Smooth Surface: Speeds Below 5 mph (8 kph), Best Surface to Flow though Water
    Hydrodynamic Fabric: Design Worn Very-Tight
    Stretched on a Moving Body, LIFTFOIL becomes Thinner, Absorbs Less Water
    Compresses Against-the-Skin: Reduces Passive Drag, Acts as Foil, Lifting Body at Surface
  • Cold-Black Technology:
    Sun Reflector UV Protector
    Special Finishing Technology for Textiles
    Reduces Heat Build-Up and Provides Reliable Protection from UV Rays
  • De Soto's 7mm CERRAMICO Seat Pad:
    Polyurethane Based Coating Embedded to Outside of Pad
    Rock-Hard Ceramic Beads
    Sewn-Onto Surrounding Panels: No Fabric Covering Pad, No Seams in Seat
    Inside Pad, Soft Plush Fiber Stretches with Suit, Follows Skin, Moves on Bike & Run, Eliminating Friction, Cause of Irritation or Rashes
  • Environmentally-Friendly Innovation is Completely Free of Solvents
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Color: Black

De Soto Mens LIFTFOIL Triathlon Suit with 7mm CERRAMICO Pad Specifications

Suit: Liftfoil With Cold-Black Technology, Cerramico Pad: Polyurethane Based With Ceramic Beads
Cerramico Pad: 7Mm
Front Zipper
Available in the Following Sizes:
Large, Medium, Small, X-Large
Weight [with packaging]
Medium, Small: 0.45 lb,
Large: 0.5 lb,
X-Large: 0.55 lb
Mfr #
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