Drift HD Video Patch Cable


This item is no longer available.

About Drift HD Video Patch Cable

Want to overlay your intercom audio on to your current video? Become part of the action when you're driving through an animal park, racing through the desert, track or off road race Maybe you fly and want to do a narrative while you soar, whatever your needs you can become part of the excitement The Drift Video Patch Cable allows you to connect you're in-vehicle/aviation intercom system to your Drift HD & Stealth (in conjunction with the 3 5 mm adapter), allowing you to overlay your intercom audio onto your current video Drift Video Patch Cable is also compatible with any other camera with a 3 5mm mic connector Cable is covered with a 12 month limited warranty

Drift HD Video Patch Cable Features

  • Overlay your Intercom Audio on to your Current Video
  • Become Part of the Action with a Narrative
  • Works with Any Camera with 3.5mm Mic Connector
  • In-Vehicle/Aviation Intercom System
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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