CatEye Loop Rear Bike Light

CatEye Loop Rear Bike Light

This item is no longer available

Product Highlights:

  • Looping rear tail safety light 
  • Go-anywhere elastic mount
  • Omni directional light
  • Simple pushbutton operation 
  • 30 hours constant, 50 hours flashing

CatEye Loop Rear Bike Light Features

CatEye Loop Rear Bike Light
The CatEye Loop Rear Bike Light Safety is ideal for any outdoor excursions on your bicycle. Its go-anywhere elastic mount attaches to almost any part of your bike with utmost ease. Enjoy superior visibility, thanks to a unique design which enables this product to throw light in nearly all directions. There is no doubt that you feel absolutely safe on the streets because passing motorists can see your bicycle easily. Additionally, this light features a push button operation so you can alternate between powerful constant and flashing modes. This product is available in front and rear styles and white and red colors for you to choose from. With the CatEye Loop Front & Rear Bike Light Kit on your bicycle, you can truly enjoy exploring the city even in low light conditions.

Key Features

  • Loop is a versatile, lightweight LED that is uniquely designed to throw light in nearly all directions for added visibility
  • Go-anywhere elastic mount lets you customize your gear and quickly change configurations to keep your ride as well-lit as possible
  • Features simple push-button operation and powerful constant and flashing modes
  • Loop attaches easily and securely to handlebar, seatpost and almost anywhere else