Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs


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Product Highlights:

  • Four 9 in. aluminum skewer tent pegs
  • Twisted shaft design
  • Made of lightweight materials
  • Length: 9 inches

About Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs

Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs
Setup your tent using the Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs. These four 9 in. skewer tent pegs are designed to keep your lightweight tent standing firmly, even in windy conditions. Each peg is made of durable aluminum, providing greater strength and reliability when driving them into the ground. Plus, each peg has a twisted shaft so it delivers better grip between the peg and the soil. You can use a mallet to place to set the pegs and just tie the ropes from your tent to the pegs. With these pegs, your tent will stay standing with more stability. Order the Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs today for your next camping trip.

Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs Features

  • 9 inches in length
  • Aluminum peg material
  • Lightweight
  • Twisted square steel material

Coghlan's Skewer Tent Pegs Specifications

Peg Material
Rod Material
Twisted square steel
Weight [with packaging]
0.25 lb
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