Coghlan's Guy Line Adapters (4)

Coghlan's Guy Line Adapters (4)

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Coghlan's Guy Line Adapters (4) Features

Coghlan's Guy Line Adapters (4)
Prevent the stress of tightening guy lines with the Coghlan's Guy Line Adapters. These adapters from Coghlan's contain four handy stretch loops that are 6 inches long, enabling you to easily anchor guy ropes in camping tents. It quickly absorbs tension to keep guy lines on tents nice and tight. The guy line adapters also prevent stress on grommets and other material using its plastic coated hooks. It comes in a poly bag to make it convenient to carry around. Now, you can easily take the tension off when assembling tents with the Coghlan's Guy Line Adapters.

Key Features

  • Handy stretch loops 6 in. long with plastic coated hooks
  • Tension absorber--keeps guy lines tight
  • Prevents stress on grommets and material
  • 4 adapters in poly bag