Coghlan's Do-it-yourself Grommets

Coghlan's Do-it-yourself Grommets

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  • 8 pieces of grommets
  • Snap N’ Tap Design
  • 0.1 lb. weight (with packaging)

Coghlan's Do-it-yourself Grommets Features

Coghlan's Do-it-yourself Grommets
Prevent your fabric from snagging with the Coghlan's Do-it-yourself Grommets. With these easy-to-use grommets from Coghlan s, you can add strength to the hole in your fabric or simply keep it from fraying. Now, DIYs that require reinforcing holes in leather, cloth, or other fabrics are easy. These Do-it-yourself grommets are even strong enough to be attached in plastic or canvass sheets, enabling you to create holes and laces in tents, tarps, and more. You do not also need a punch tool to have it installed. Its design allows you to simply snap it together and seal it with just a tap. Weighing only 0.1 lb., these grommets wouldn't even add much weight to your outdoor gear. So whether it is for decorative or lacing purposes, you can have the Coghlan's Do-it-yourself Grommets packed for your next outdoor adventure.

Key Features

  • Contains 8 grommets
  • Cuts own hole in plastic sheets
  • 0.1 lbs. weight (with packaging)