Coghlan's Camp Grill

Coghlan's Camp Grill

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Coghlan's Camp Grill Features

Coghlan's Camp Grill
The Coghlan's Camp Grill is a must-have item for camping adventures. With this grill, you can cook your foods or heat liquids conveniently. It is made of nickel-plated, heavy-duty steel for durability and reliability. It is tough and sturdy yet compact and light, making it perfect for outdoor trips. This product will last for a long time so you can use it anytime you have an outdoor trip. It has a surface of 24 x 12 in so you can cook different foods simultaneously. This grill also features a compact folding design for easy storage and packing. An outdoor trip is not complete without a grill. Grilling foods is part of the adventure and fun itself. Complete you camping equipment with the Coghlan's Camp Grill. Buy this product and start to experience a more exciting outdoor adventure.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Nickel plated
  • Compact folding design
  • Grill surface 24 x 12 in.