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About Chuckit! Ultra Toss - Medium

Key Features of the Chuckit! Ultra Toss Medium

  • Great for games of fetch or tugging
  • Developed to have high bounce
  • High visibility
  • High buoyancy
  • Interactive toy
  • Durable Chuckit Ultra rubber ball
Chuckit! Ultra Toss Medium
Developed to have a high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility, and high durability, the value of this medium sized Chuckit! Ultra Toss is easily recognized by dog owners. This durable natural rubber ball also has multiple ropes dangling to catch your dog's attention as it flies through the air. These ropes also make this dog toy great for tug-of-war games. Chuckit! compatible, so feel free to use a Chuckit! ball launcher for extra fun. They are designed and made by the guys at Chuckit! so it will fit into a medium Chuckit! Launcher, which is a great option for throwing the ball with a longer distance with less effort and no bending down to pick ball up. This dog toy is perfect for exercising your dog as well. Use it in the park, in your backyard, at the beach, in a lake or anywhere as long as there is plenty of room. This fun toy is made of tough rubber so your pooch can get lots of fun out of it. It is available in three sizes to cater to your dog s individual needs. This Medium Chuckit! Ultra Toss ball is perfect for hours of exercise and play for you and your dog.

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