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Sunny Sports Watchman's Cap

Sunny Sports Watchman's Cap Features

Sunny Sports Watchman's Cap
The Sunny Sports Watchman's Cap is a tight-fitting knit cap worn in cold weather. Watch caps are a one size fit most heads. The watch cap was regularly worn by sailors of the US Navy and the US Coast Guard during extreme weather conditions. The watch cap was also worn by soldiers under helmets for comfort. The watch cap is often made so that the bottom part is folded up, though it can be pulled down low over the ears. The watch cap is designed to provide optimum warmth during chilly months, helping you maintain body heat by covering the top of the head and ears. You gauge the amount of heating you desire, by covering your ears and back of your head, or uncovering them. The Sunny Sports Watchman's Cap is a high quality 100% cotton material.

Key Features

  • High quality 100% cotton