Brunton Get-Back Mini GPS

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  • 12 ft. Accuracy (normal GPS mode)
  • 3 Waypoints
  • Arrival notification
  • Self-calibrating digital compass
  • Signal strength indicator
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About Brunton Get-Back Mini GPS

Brunton Get-Back Mini GPS
Navigate your way through unfamiliar roads using the Brunton Get-Back Mini GPS. The small and lightweight device, weighing only 1.3 oz., is a reliable tool that gets you to your destination in the most direct route. In normal GPS mode, it provides accurate directions in 12 ft. With its 3-way point function, the GPS shows the way directly to any of the three chosen POI's. It automatically adjusts the direction as you move and it uses arrows to point you where to go. It also notes the distance you are from the point of interest in meters or miles. And within 30 ft. of your destination, it automatically provides an arrival notification. Another amazing feature is its self-calibrating digital compass, which can be used with or without satellite coverage. You can use this device up to 13 hours in continuous use. Since it comes with a USB cable, you can simply plug it in your power source, charge it, and use it again. This product can be also charged using Brunton power packs or solar panels. Order the Brunton Get-Back Mini GPS today and get to where you want to go without delay.

Brunton Get-Back Mini GPS Features

  • 3 way points to find your way back to 3 different locations
  • Arrival notification within 30 feet of destination
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 13 hours of continuous use
  • Signal Strength indicator
  • Overall dimensions: 2.75" x 1.5" x .5"
  • Accuracy of 12 feet in normal GPS mode
  • Metric/Standard
  • Recharges with included USB cable
  • Small and light weight, only 1.3 ounces
  • Brunton SyncTech enabled, recharge internal battery from Brunton power packs or solar panels
  • Self Calibrating Digital Compass
  • Blue Back light
  • Battery Life function
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