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Product Highlights:

  • Barometric weather tracker
  • Backlight for night-time use
  • Forward-bearing indicator 
  • Time and date readings
  • 12 and 24 hour time displays

Brunton Digital Compass Features

Brunton Digital CompassThe Brunton Digital Compass is your guide to navigation, in any region. It comes equipped with a barometric weather tracker, which informs you of any changes in atmospheric pressure. With a 0.02 inHg resolution, the compass will keep you safely informed from any sudden drop in pressure. A forward-bearing indicator pointed in the direction of travel, you can rest assured that you will always be on track. Since it has a fine backlight, you can continue your journey even at night. The compass is also equipped with time and date readings and alarm settings, to wake you up on time. You can also keep track of the weather in either Fahrenheit or Celsius readings. It has an built-in bubble leve,l to help you determine whether the surface you are traveling on, is flat or uneven. Get ready to scale the highest mountains with the Brunton Digital Compass.

Key Features

  • Altimeter reports altitude in 1-foot resolution; records 20 ascents to memory with accumulated and max altitude
  • Barometric weather tracker reports changes in pressure with 0.02 inHg (1 mbar/hpa) resolution
  • Programmable digital compass provides bearing to 1-degree; adjustable declination for fine-tuned local accuracy
  • Forward-bearing indicator points direction of travel; off-course indicator prevents deviation
  • Time and date readings, and daily alarms
  • Backlit to make nighttime usage possible
  • Comes with a CR2032 3-volt lithium battery and lanyard
  • Includes a built-in bubble level (with +/- 2° accuracy) for determining whether a surface is flat or uneven
  • Provides current temperature readings in C or F
  • 12 and 24 hour time displays