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Black Diamond Trail Back Poles

Black Diamond Trail Back Poles Features

Black Diamond Trail Back Poles
The Black Diamond Trail Back Poles are 3-section trekking poles made from sturdy aluminum to maximize strength while minimizing weight. The three sections are capable of sliding telescopically, and the length can be adjusted freely by using the Dual Flicklocks along the shaft. You can simply flick the locks open, slide the sections to your desired length, and then flick the locks closed. The poles boast comfortable rubber grips that allow complete manual control, and sport durable nylon webbing straps to help secure your handle. The poles are also designed with long flex tips and come with the option of using either low-profile trekking baskets or powder baskets, maintaining their functionality in spite of the terrain or climate conditions. Built with robust construction, intuitive usage, and reasonable degree of customization, the Black Diamond Trail Back Poles are your friend for those long excursions into the heart of nature.

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

Key Features

  • The sturdy aluminum construction of these poles maximizes strength while minimizing its weight
  • The adjustable telescoping 3-sections allow you to customize the length of the poles
  • Dual Flicklocks secures each section of the pole 
  • Its rubber grip and nylon webbing strap even offer firm control and proper handling
  • Long flex tips and low-profile trekking baskets or powder baskets can be fitted to suit terrain or climate conditions