Black Diamond Syncline Poles

Black Diamond Syncline Poles Features

Black Diamond Syncline Poles
The two-section poles go well with hikers and backpackers who don't often have their poles strapped to their packs. It offers great stability and support when the compact ability of a three-section pole isn t needed. The Black Diamond Syncline Poles features include an easy-to-use FlickLock adjustment to easily adjust this pole for your convenience. The non-slip foam grip with lower extended padded section below the grips will give you added flexibility to hold the poles at a lower position. The carbide tips can handle rock, ice, dirt and snow without wearing out and the replaceable flex tips are designed to break away if the pole gets stuck to avid damage to the shaft. The threaded section below the low profile trekking basket allows you to quickly and securely attach the included wide powder baskets to convert these Black Diamond Syncline Poles into four season poles, either for hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing poles.

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

Key Features

  • It comes with a rubber grip with nylon webbing strap to give you that extra grip when you need it
  • The non-slip foam grip extension offers added flexibility so you can hold it at a lower position
  • For an easy adjustment access, you can utilize its single FlickLock 
  • The long Flex Tips, low-profile Trekking Baskets and Powder Baskets allow this trekking pole to be used for any season