Black Diamond Positron Carabiner - Straight

Black Diamond Positron Carabiner - Straight

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Product Highlights:

  • Straight gated design
  • Keylock nose
  • 1.7 oz. weight

Black Diamond Positron Carabiner - Straight Features

Black Diamond Positron Carabiner - Straight
Get the snag free protection of a premium biner without ever fretting too much for the cost with the Straight gate version of the Black Diamond Positron Carabiner. Forged for the economical climber, this versatile carabiner from Black Diamond doesn t give up the value to get you a solid performance. Constructed with a straight gate opening, the Positron works excellently to provide protection on quickdraws, making you feel safe and secure as you climb. Clipping and unclipping bolt hangers are made more convenient and free from snagging with the help of its keylock nose feature. Even though it is smaller than the Black Diamond Dynotron carabiner, the Positron has a functional shape that makes it as convenient to hold as the Dynotron. Now, you will be able feel safe and protected in achieving a top notch quickdraw with the Black Diamond Positron Carabiner without ever spending too much.

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Key Features

  • Smaller than Dynotron, yet easy to hold
  • Open Gate Strength : 8 kN, 1798 lbf
  • Weight : 49 g, 1.7 oz
  • Closed Gate Strength : 25 kN, 5620 lbf
  • Minor Axis Strength : 8 kN, 1798 lbf
  • Available in straight or bentgate version
  • Keylock nose doesn't snag