Black Diamond Orbit Lantern


Black Diamond Orbit Lantern Features

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern
Illuminate everything around you without giving up on the hefty weight with the Black Diamond Orbit Lantern. Featuring a DoublePower LED light, this lantern captures and spreads the light equally with its dual reflector system. Enclosed in a frosted globe, the LED emits a radiant light without giving you an irritating glare. With its dimming switch, you can have an optimal amount of light you desire while also conserving its energy. The Orbit has a collapsible design that makes it compactable to carry around in your bag while also offering protection on the power button from being accidentally turned on. It runs on four AAA alkaline batteries that provide a 24-hour luminance. It is also compatible to run on a Black Diamond NRG2 rechargeable battery kit which is sold separately, making it versatile in any powering situation. You can easily attach the lantern on tree branches or your tent with its collapsible, double-hook hang loop. Now, you can lighten up your world with the compact and illuminating Black Diamond Orbit Lantern all day, all night.

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

Key Features

  • Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output
  • DoublePower LED with 45 lumens (max setting) enclosed inside a frosted globe produces bright, non-glaring light
  • Unique dimming switch provides adjustable brightness
  • Runs on NRG2 Rechargeable Battery Kit (sold separately) or 4 AAA alkalines
  • Collapsible, double-hook hang loop
  • compatible to 102 mm (4 in); extended height is 140 mm (5.5 in)