Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw

Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw

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Product Highlights:

  • Draw-friendly surface
  • Geometrically optimized design
  • Hot-forged, key lock Dynotron top carabiner
  • LiveWire wiregate lower carabiner
  • Hooded nose protection

Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw Features

Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw
The Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw is a very handy utilitarian climbing accessory. It comes with a hot-forged, keylock Dynotron carabiner on the top and a LiveWire wiregate carabiner on the bottom, thereby allowing for a geometrically optimized design for clipping bolts. These draw-friendly carabiners are designed to keep you oriented thereby preventing any twists or lock-ups at any point in the climb. Both carabiners are made to stay on par with the modern sport-climbing clips. A hooded nose design protects the opening end of the carabiners from wearing out fast. This product comes with a 4 in. long variable width dogbone with a straitjacket system to hold the carabiners steady. So the next time you go climbing be sure that you have the Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw fastening you securely to the line.

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Key Features

  • Draw-friendly carabiner surface keeps runners oriented where you want them
  • Hot-forged Dynotron on top and LiveWire wiregate on the bottom
  • Hooded nose protects opening end of wire gate
  • Equipped with a 12 cm Vari-width dogbone with Straitjacket