Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw

Black Diamond

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Product Highlights:

  • Ice screw: Chromoly Hanger
  • Advanced tooth geometry
  • Classic lightweight hanger
  • CE certified and patented
  • Weight: 143 g, 5.0 oz

About Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw

Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw
The Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw is a lightweight and easy to carry climbing utensil . It is advanced tooth geometry for starting, allows you to place the ice screw fast and easy during climbing. The tooth geometry also makes the climbing faster, with an easy to place screw than others sold in the market. It is a classic light weight hanger to enable you to advance further during a climb, with less effort. This CE certified ice screw offers a higher quality and trustworthy climbing implement, to climbers. Weighing only 143 g, 5.0 oz., the screw offers climbing enthusiasts, a light load during an ascend. The Black Diamond screw has been totally designed for a 10 kN, 2248 lbf. climb. Completely manufactured out of chromoly, a climber can now count on a very durable and high resistance strong alloy. The Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw has been delivered to market to get the job, and to keep a climber's confidence at 100%.

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw Features

  • Advanced tooth geometry for easier starting and faster placement
  • CE certified, patented
  • Materials : Screw: Chromoly Hanger: Chromoly
  • Classic lightweight hanger
  • Strength : 10 kN, 2248 lbf
  • Weight : 143 g, 5.0 oz

Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw Specifications

[13 cm]4.6 oz, [16 cm]5.0 oz, [19 cm]5.5 oz, [22 cm]6.0 oz
[13 cm]5.11", [16 cm]6.29", [19 cm]7.48", [22 cm]8.66"
2248 lbf
Hanger Material
Stainless steel
Screw Material
Available in the Following Sizes:
13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 22cm
Weight [with packaging]
13cm, 16cm: 0.4 lb,
19cm: 0.45 lb,
22cm: 0.5 lb
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