Black Diamond Icon Headlamp - Aluminum

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp - Aluminum

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  • 1 QuadPower LED spotlight
  • 2 SinglePower white LEDs
  • 2 SinglePower red LEDs
  • Night-vision mode
  • Rugged and balanced design

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp - Aluminum Features

Key Features of the Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Aluminum
Equipped with modern and useful features, the all-new Black Diamond Icon Headlamp is a professional-grade light that's ready to illuminate anything. This headlamp is suitable for rugged adventures such as trekking, rapelling, and even search and rescue mission. It offers multiple modes so you can customize your lighting needs to any situation. Switching between low beam and high is quick and easy, making it suitable for any situation. Low beam is ideal for climbing, while high is perfect for searching ways at night. Its IPX 7 waterproof rating means that you can use this reliable headlamp in any weather condition. Red LEDs are available as well to preserve your night vision, and you can activate it without cycling through the white mode. This is definitely recommended for a pro or anyone who needs a high-quality headlamp. The lock mode prevents accidental battery drain when the headlamp is in your pack. Get the Black Diamond Icon Headlamp now.

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Key Features

  • Its 200-lumen output can light up the darkest trails, campsites and rappel stations
  • It throws a beam up to 100m for stunning illumination at night
  • Use the red LEDs to preserve night vision while hanging out at the camp or making your way down the trail
  • Red LEDs can be activated without having to cycle through the white LEDs
  • Dimmer switch lets you choose the light output needed for the task at hand
  • Use the 2 strobe functions to flash red or white light
  • This headlamp is powered by 4 AA batteries to provide up to 75 hrs. of burn time on high and 175 hrs. on low
  • Battery indicator light helps you determine how much battery power you have left
  • Regulated output ensures consistent lighting levels even as battery power is reduced
  • Lock mode prevents accidental battery drain while the headlamp is in your pack