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Black Diamond 56g Chalk Block

Black Diamond 56g Chalk Block Features

Black Diamond 56g Chalk Block
Specifically blended for climbing, the Black Diamond 56g Chalk Block keeps your hands dry to ensure you have a firm grip when rock climbing. Made from Magnesium Carbonate, it fends off the sweat in your hands by absorbing moisture and heat. No matter how scorching hot or extremely humid rock climbing can get, the Black Diamond chalk prevents you from slipping off holds. In addition, the chalk comes in a 56 g block which can be broken down into smaller pieces that can fill your chalk bag for several times. So you won t run out of it when you re ascending. Plus, in case you spill the chalk bag, you can still recover the smaller chunks while also keeping the mess to a minimum. Whether you are using it for bouldering or just climbing in the gym, the Black Diamond 56g Chalk Block will absorb your moisture predicaments for a better climbing performance, further ensuring that you will feel secure as you soar to the top.

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Key Features

  • Made from Magnesium Carbonate, it absorbs moisture and heat from your hands, keeping you from slipping 
  • It comes in a 56 g block that can be broken into smaller parts so you could fill a chalk bag several times 
  • The chalk block's smaller parts could be recovered should the chalk bag spills, keeping the mess at a minimum
  • The Black Diamond chalk block is specifically blended for climbing, making it ideal when you're bouldering or wall climbing in the gym
  • This chalk block from Black Diamond ensures that you have a better hand grip to improve your climbing performance