Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles

Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles

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  • Adjustability and Security Mechanisms
  • Dual-Density Rubber Grip
  • Aggressive Hooking Point Design
  • Easy-Access Strap Design
  • Lengthened  Pull Strap Tab

Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles Features

Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles
The Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles are definitely the most affordable and adjustable poles in the Freeride Series. Because of its aluminum construction, the user is ensured of its durability and strength. The poles also highlight the super-secure benefits of the low-profile FlickLock Pro adjustability for easier manipulation and handling. You can enjoy the challenge of traversing the slopes with ease, grace, and confidence while being assured of your comfort and safety. The poles Freeride Series grips also feature dual-density palm zones and aggressive hooking points for easy leverage of the bars and buckles, giving the user a more confident hold on the poles. While the poles Freeride Series straps have easy-access designs to allow the even distribution of weight across the user s wrists, its strap tabs are designed for simple manipulation particularly with gloves on. You can now satisfy your thirst for adventure without sacrificing your comfort and safety. Take on the winter adventures with the Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles.

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Key Features

  • The Black Diamond Boundary Ski Poles have .71 inch (upper) with.63 inch (lower) aluminum construction to ensure sleekness, durability, and strength
  • Its FlickLock Pro enhances the adjustability and security mechanisms of each pole
  • The Freeride Series grip incorporates a grippy, dual-density rubber in the palming zone for a more secure and comfortable hold on the poles
  • For easy leveraging of bars and buckles, the Freeride Series grip comes with an aggressive hooking point design
  • The Freeride Series strap features an easy-access design for simple manipulation, even with gloves on
  • The Freeride Series strap has a lengthened pull tab that hangs open and distributes weight evenly across the wrist
  • These poles come with 4 inch-wide Powder Baskets for bite