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About Atlas 3-part Poles (pair)

Key Features of the Atlas 3-part Poles (pair)

  • 7075 Seamless Aluminum Shaft
  • Adjustable (125 cm. W, 140 cm. M.)
  • Gender-Specific EVA Foam Grips
  • Tips: Flexible Tungsten Carbide
Atlas 3-part Poles (pair)
The Atlas 3-part Poles (pair) adapts to you and the terrain to give you a great performance when you are doing your favorite sport. It is very easy to adjust and secure, which means that you don t have to struggle just to adapt it. It is designed to be light weight but still very sturdy. It's compact design makes it easy to carry and store. It can be used in deep snow, uneven terrain, off trail and many others. The tips are made of flexible tungsten carbide that gives you the extra traction that you need in those long expedition. It can be adjusted to any size and need for men or women. The Atlas 3-part Poles (pair) are easy to adapt and this makes a good option for your adventures.

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