Atlas Elektra 9 Series Snowshoes for Women

Atlas Elektra 9 Series Snowshoes for Women

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  • V-Frames
  • Suspension Spring-Loaded
  • Elektra Design
  • Nytex Decking
  • Wrapp Binding

Atlas Elektra 9 Series Snowshoes for Women Features

Whether you re a seasoned snowshoer or a first-time newbie, the Atlas Elektra 9 Series Snowshoes have the high tech features you need to get where you want to go. With an advanced free rotating suspension, these Elektra 9 Series Snowshoes give you a secure footing on lateral or zig zag movements and uneven terrain while the high tech tempered steel cleats and toe crampons grip the hard snow and ice efficiently.

Key Features

  • Developed for women's natural gait and incorporates a women's specific binding design for superior arch support and improved circulation
  • V frame shape helps you conserve energy by providing a lightweight aluminum material and a shape that tracks straight in deep snow
  • Advanced binding gives you high tech molded arch support, a one pull uniloop design, hassle free straps
  • Free rotating suspension cushions your step for improved freedom of movement and natural foot flex
  • Heel cleat gives you better traction and stability for climbing up or down and covering varied terrain
  • Advanced decking is durable, flexible, forgiving and quiet
  • Toe crampon keeps your foot from twisting