Atlas Elektra 12 Series Snowshoes for Women (pair)

Atlas Elektra 12 Series Snowshoes for Women (pair) Features

The Atlas Elektra 12 Series snowshoes are designed to handle anything you find between the trailhead and the summit The women's Wrapp Pro bindings feature FlowTape silicone straps that glide through low-friction buckles with a smooth buckle release for easy on-off use The 7075 aluminum frame is the lightest, strongest tubing available, and the variable ReactiV forming lends a stiffer, more responsive flex Extensive biomechanics research led to the development of our Elektra women's frame, with outside rolling bends, a narrower waist, and a tapered tail that refuse to compromise on a women's natural stance and gait Spring-Loaded Suspension provides deeper penetration of the Holey-1 Toe Crampon, and the Advanced Aft Traction provides sure footing on all terrain

Key Features

  • Spring-Loaded Suspension
  • Elektra Design
  • ReactiV Frame
  • Heel Lift Bar
  • Duratek Decking
  • Wrapp Pro Binding
  • Advanced Aft Traction
  • Model E1223
    Size 23 in
    Surface Area - 145 sq in
    Weight/PR - 3.67 lbs
    Load - 80-160 lbs
  • Model E1227
    Size 27 in
    Surface Area - 176 sq in
    Weight/PR - 3.79 lbs
    Load - 120-200+ lbs