Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard


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Product Highlights:

  • Recycled steel edges
  • UN3 Progressive Sidecut
  • Butter Glassing
  • Bio-Film
  • 4X4 8-Pack Inserts
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About Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard

Key features of the Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard

  • Recycled steel edges
  • UN3 Progressive Sidecut
  • Butter Glassing
  • Bio-Film
  • 4X4 8-Pack Inserts
  • Mission Core
  • Rhythm Walls
  • Fusion Base
Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard
The Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard is not only a good looking article, but a very well designed board for maximum performance. This snowboard has 4X4 8-pack inserts to provide a very lightweight operation and a comfortable stance of 24.4 in. The bio-film is made from 30% bio-plastic that protects the board without any biologically harmful additives. It comes with a UN3 progressive side cut or grip tech that is designed to give you better turning and stability. The mission core has 20% reclaimed wood fiber, which gives more strength to your board. The edges of the board are 60% recycled steel for a superior and long-lasting durability. The Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard is designed to give you maximum freedom and hours of fun when you are snowboarding.

Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard Features

  • 4X4 8-Pack Inserts - provide the lightest weight performance and affordability, max stance 24.4"/62cm
  • Bio-Film - hi-gloss film, 30% bio-plastic, protects top while replacing biologically harmful clear coat
  • Butter Glassing - a biax over biax lay-up that's designed for fun all-mountain cruising, great to learn on
  • UN3 Progressive Sidecut - (Grip Tech) unblended tri-radial, better turning, initiation, stability. See The System
  • Mission Core - a unique composite with 20% reclaimed wood fiber; value, softer-flex performance, and strength
  • Rhythm Walls - an advanced blend of ABS and urethane; deliver durability and a clean, acoustically damp ride
  • Recycled Steel Edges - max edge durability and performance; made of hardened steel, 60% recycled
  • Fusion Base - a tough, user-friendly extruded base that's light and easy to repair

Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard Specifications

Effective edge
149 cm: 44.60", 153cm: 45.86"
Recommended rider weight
149 cm: 82 - 162 pounds, 153cm: 88 - 168+ pounds
Sidecut radius
149 cm: 23.95 ft, 153cm: 24.6 ft
Stance setback
149 cm: Centered, 153cm:Centered
149 cm: Wood composite/reclaimed wood fiber, 153cm: Wood composite/reclaimed wood fiber
149 cm: Sandwich, 153cm: Sandwich
Snowboard camber
149 cm: Reverse, 153cm:Reverse
Snowboard shape
149 cm: Directional twin, 153cm: Directional twin
Snowboard style
149 cm:All-mountain, 153cm:All-mountain
Available in the Following Sizes:
145 cm, 149 cm, 153 cm
Recommended Use
149 cm: SnowBoarding 153 cm: SnowBoarding
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